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Absolutely my mother's death. August 14th, 2005. I'll never get the date out of my head. I'll never forget the way it felt when they told us that the blood in her brain would not subside. That there was no hope. I'll never forget hearing my father make the decision to turn off the life support. The minute the machines went off and Momma left us.

August 17th, 2005. The funeral. Touching her cold hand knowing that I'd never feel the brush against my forehead again. I'd never hear her laugh. I'd never watch her fix that long beautiful hair again. I'd never hug her.

So many things good happened after that day. So many things bad happened after that day. I hate that I didn't call Adam sooner so that he could have met her at least one day before she died. So that she would know that I found the perfect person. The one I had been looking for so long. I hate that my Father couldn't step up and be the man he could have been. Instead he collapsed into the man I always knew he was. My Mother raised us. My MOMMA did everything. She clothed us and listened to us and fed us and knew every little thing about us. He knew nothing and wanted to know nothing. The only thing WE, his children, were and always have been to him is a status symbol. He only ever cared what we did when we did something good because it made HIM look good.

Being able to leave my relationship with my Father behind was sad. But in the long run it has been so freeing.

I am an orphan now. But it's ok. I have my husband. I have my sisters. I have my stepson. I have my wonderful in-laws who love me. I have so much.

I just wish I still had my Momma to share it with.
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Ohhhhh, my very first thought was "INVISIBILITY"! But as I read the question and truly pondered I realized that wasn't the answer. I'd have the power to teleport anywhere. I watched the History Channel (or something like that) when they dissected Star Trek and the teleportation device and how it would never work and I was so disappointed. I'd really like to be able to just... I don't know. Step on a pad and ZOOM you're in New Zealand for a little jaunt. Step on this button and BAM you're in Paris or London or New York or HOME. Oh good heavens - HOME. If I could press a button here at work and suddenly I was in the cozy comfort of my apartment I would be SO happy. To be able to go home for lunch and relax. Enjoy a sandwich from the confines of my living room. *sigh* I'll keep dreaming. You never know. :)
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Without a doubt, it was this one:


It was taken in August 2006 during a trip to Helen, GA. My friends and I were trying to do a group trip with just the girls every year (we missed this year) and we decided on Helen because it was August and still very hot and we thought the mountains would be cooler. They were, but not by much. It rained a lot. I woke up one morning and looked out the windows of our cabin and there were these gigantic low clouds floating around the house outside around the mountains. I was just fascinated. They almost looked like cotton candy. It was almost as if you could reach out and take a handful. Just beautiful.
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