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Yes. I have always given my current vehicle a name. My first car, a blue Oldsmobile 88 was Piece of Crap aka Ben. My second car, a rust-colored Lincoln Continental, was Ol' Bertha. My third car, a blue Cavalier, had a name when I received it: Ol' Blue. My current car, and love of my driving life, is a red Ford Fusion named Squishy. As in "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy." (Finding Nemo) and is mostly called Squishy because the dashboard is kinda springy and cushiony and ... SQUISHY.

HIYA PEEPS! Long time no see.

I did just call you peeps. I know. I have no shame. But it's ok! Peeps are cool! They're my favorite Easter candy! They're all marshmallowy and sugary goodness and I luffs them, just like I luffs you! *MASSIVE HUGS*




I am entirely too happy today. Especially on a day when I've had to cover two people who are out and am working my third week on two nights a week which SUCKS A MIGHTY SUCKING THING. But... BUT BUT BUT! Here's what is making my day:

I. Have. A NEW. DISHWASHER! *does the dance of joy* COME COOSIN LARRY! Now we are so happy we do the Dance of JOY!!

Oh yesh. That is from Perfect Strangers. It brings back so many happy memories.

So yeah. We have had a magnificently spectacularly CRAPTACULAR dishwasher for awhile now. I found that if I bought the Electrasol tabs with the little red ball in them that it would get the dishes mostly clean. Well, even that stopped working. So I let the apartment complex know. And they came and cleaned the filter and basin cos most of the time that's all the problem is...

But no. That made it worse. So, two weeks ago I got a note that we were getting a new dishwasher. And so I've been washing dishes by hand which sucks a mighty suck. Especially since our kitchen is so bloody tiny that only one and a half people can fit in at a time. Really! I checked! So that means that all the dishes were being done by one person.

Guess who?

No really. I'll give you three!

Um, nope. Not the Pope.

And not Jennifer Lopez either.

Nope, you guessed it. They were being done by me.

And it's not that I mind really but ...

Sometimes I do.

Especially when I cooked the dinner too.

It just... aggravates me a tiny wee little bit of a bit.

But no more! Now I can fill the dishywasher up and let it run and voila! Clean dishes without the dishpan hands!


So yeah...

It's really truly made my day. I had a dream last night about the dishwasher and them coming to install a new one.


Ok. Seriously need to stop talking about the dishwasher now.

I have something else to be really super-excited about! I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I love Kim Harrison. My love for her books is akin to how I used to feel about Anne Rice. I love her world. I love the characters. My heart is going to break if she ever kills off my favorite character (and I know it's going to happen I just don't want it to!). ANYWAY...

On Friday I was reading her newest book Black Magic Sanction and I was taken by the following sentence: "That's so sweet, I think I'm gonna barf fairy farts." It made me laugh so hard that I had to thank her for it. On Facebook. So today?

She responded and said how happy she was that I was enjoying the book. That? IS AWESOME. *loves Kim Harrison*

She doesn't live that far away from me, but it seems like every time she's doing a local signing I have to work or ... something is coming up. I think she did a local signing back during the wedding and then in the past few months her signing was on a Thursday - a night when I have to work late and very rarely can get people to switch with me so...

I'm hoping she'll do a signing in Sept/Oct time and I can kill two birds with one stone and do the RenFest in Charlotte AND swing by to meet Kim and get an autograph! :)

So yeah.

Life is good.


I miss you guys. I'm totally going to start writing more often.

(She says and hopes she means it!)

*more hugs*


*inappropriate groping*

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm almost giddy today.

I'm going to go now. I really don't have much else to say!

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