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posted by [personal profile] corbeau at 11:51am on 05/01/2010 under , , , , ,
Hi Guys!

Boy, it's been a long time! Last time I posted I had just gotten married. :) Things are still going very well, but I knew they would. We had been living together for nearly two years! Getting married just made things official. I mean, it was amazing! I'm so glad we did get married. But has it changed our relationship? No. Not really. Everyone keeps asking and seems surprised when we answer no.

I've been paying monthly for this journal and realize I really need to start writing in it. There's no reason to fork out money every month if I'm not. So. My New Years Resolution is for this year, to write more often. It's been my New Years Resolution for a couple of years but I think I can finally keep it now! I've been itching to write and so I will!

So! An update on lifey type things first. I'm married. Yay! But you knew that already. We are doing good. Right now the entire fam is suffering from some sort of sinus bug and that sucks but it's nothing bad! Adam went to the Doctor on Thursday who told him to keep taking the sinus meds he's been taking and he's finally getting over it. I started feeling bad Saturday night and so did Julia. I took today off and hopefully will be well enough to be back at work tomorrow.

Christmas was good. I still haven't received my Christmas present from Ad. He waited a bit too long and apparently it is supposed to be here today. So, if it's something awesome I'll probably be back here tomorrow to post about it and squee. :) EDITED: I wrote this last night but got to feeling bad and couldn't finish. So I now HAVE my Christmas present! It was a scent locket from BPAL Well, really, the Black Phoenix Trading Post. Which one, you might ask? The Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire! It is AWESOME. And BPAL is awesome too because I got FIVE Imps. The Ghost is glorious. I quite like Knave of Hearts as well. Highwayman and Night-Gaunt were not for me and the jury is still out on the last, Verdandi. But fun!!!

Speaking of Neil and squeeing -


I met Neil Gaiman again on December 14th. Unfortunately the girl who was sticking Post-Its on the books with our names misspelled Renee. So I became Ronee in both The Graveyard Book and Odd and the Frost Giants. That. Stinks. But really? It's ok. I got to say hello and Thank him again and it was lovely. I also met up with a really nice local girl who sat with me and we talked Neil while we were waiting. It was nice not to just sit there like a lump while waiting to get in line. :)

AND NOW - I get to talk about things that my family is just tired of hearing me talk about!

I finally saw Star Trek and it. Was. AWESOME. Holy crap. I so wish that I had been able to see it on the big screen. Love love love it.

Also, I am in love with Up. Ellie and Carl's story just... well it just about broke my heart. I watched it three times in one day (I showed it twice at the library and then made Adam watch it when I got home!) and cried every single time at a certain point in the film. It is beautiful. I have it on Blu-Ray now (cos we bought a Blu-Ray player during Black Friday! Woot!)

TV shmeevee. I'm still watching Heroes. Yes, I know. I know I'll be disppointed in how the show will turn out but I just can't give up Zachary Quinto every week. I really don't have much to comment on it except: I'll be overjoyed if they never bring Matt Parkman back. I love Greg Grunberg but I'm so sick of his character on that show. Of course, I felt the same about Mohinder last season.

Chuck is back next week and I. Can't. WAITTTTTTT!!! I love that show so very much. Also very excited about Lost's impending return!

Of course there's also Doctor Who

We spent much of last weekend vegetating in front of the BBC America Doctor Who marathon. It was very nice catching some of my old favorite episodes. We have the DVDs and we've watched them quite a few times but just you know, turning the TV on to find David Tennant is very nice.

The End of Time... *sigh* Maybe it's crazy, but I cried like a little baby for the last half hour. Now, see, I know that regeneration is part of the show. That, of course, it was going to happen eventually. I heard the big announcement when Matt Smith was cast. I've seen photos of the new Tardis exterior/interior. I knew it was going to happen. Didn't stop me from mourning the loss of David Tennant's Doctor. He was brilliant and I loved him. I am sure that I will like Matt Smith in the end as well. I remember being tentative about Tennant as the Doctor because I liked Eccleston so much. And you know, I shed tears for Eccleston's regeneration as well. Hell, I cried at the end of every Season Finale. I'm a cry baby, ok?

I do have to say I wish the STORY had been a little better. I enjoyed it, but it felt a bit weak as a final story. I love John Simm and Timothy Dalton but I felt like there could have been tons more for them to do if they have moved some things around. And holy crap I love Wilfred so much. I am so happy he got to travel on the TARDIS with the Doctor. He deserved it. Anyway...

Enough talk about Doctor Who! :)

Two people are out at work today and so I'm spending a buttload of time on desk so you may hear more from me today or this could be it. I hope you all had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. You'll be hearing more from me! Soon you'll be sick of me. :P

Hope you're all doing well! Much love! *hugs*
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posted by [identity profile] at 05:37pm on 05/01/2010
So glad you're posting again! And glad to hear things are going well for you - you deserve all this happiness!

I'm glad you loved Star Trek - that movie is really fantastic! As for Up, I loved it up until they ran into the adventure guy at the end - then it became kind of tedious. But that montage of Ellie & Carol at the beginning was pure brilliance.

Have you seen Avatar yet?

Man, I gave up on Heroes way early this season and don't regret it one little bit at all.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:27pm on 06/01/2010
I know! Heroes keeps going downhill and I know it's not going to get any better but, as in this week's episode, Zachary Quinto is shirtless. Quite frequently. And he's just so darn yummy. I can't give him up! :) And yes, I still love Hiro and mourn for the awesomeness he COULD have been before season 2 killed all hope.

I've heard a lot of people that feel the same way about Up. I just thought it was so cute. It does get a little tedious, I guess that's what you could call it but I still adore it. And Kevin. :)

I haven't seen Avatar yet. It's on my list of stuff to see. We don't go to the theater very often because ours is stuck in the Dark Ages and is really quite sucktacular. But I might just go see Avatar over in Augusta when I head over there on the weekend. :) I still have to see Sherlock Holmes too!

*points at icon* I had to have it! It was just too gorgeous!! :)


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